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Orchestra's CyBot solution is a Vulnerability Prioritization Technology (VPT) that enables organizations to assess their cyber risks based on asset criticality and advanced analytics. The technology also allows organizations to invest its time and resources on those vulnerabilities that threaten its critical assets and business processes. Powered by CyBot's patented Attack Patch Scenario™ technology, the system creates a prioritized list of vulnerabilities. This allows organizations to substantially reduce its attack surface with the least amount of time and effort and with the most efficient use of staff resources.

CyBot's key benefit, in comparison to traditional vulnerability assessment tools, derives from its unique combination of threat intelligence and understanding business processes. This understanding of the internal asset exposure and criticality provides a better view of the true risks within the organization. It assists IT operations teams by offering recommendations to prevent potential breaches using an effective patching strategy that can be deployed on a minimum number of hosts.

▪ For security teams, they are presented with a significantly smaller list of high-risk issues to track as compared to the number of issues that traditional vulnerability assessment tools produce.

▪ For IT operations teams, the benefit is that they are given the most cost- and resource-effective strategy to remediate the threats presented to them by the security teams.

The technology approach used by most Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) vendors involves the deployment of agents that actively test the environment against attack simulation methods used by attackers. While the main focus of these tools is to provide picture of the organization's environment from the attacker's perspective, they provide information geared mainly to the organization's advanced security researchers and highlytrained staff. They do not focus on the needs of the IT operations teams.

With its effective patching strategy, CyBot also fulfils the needs of the IT operations teams.