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Extralink Partner Section

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New Partner Welcome Kit

Download your welcome kit with the files you will need to start selling our products.
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Non Disclosure Agreement

Standard NDA. Our vendors have a strict NDA enforcement policy in order to share information with our resellers.


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NEW Descargue Presentación PPT de Partner del portafolio de Extralink

How Extralink's vendors plug all Cybesecurity holes
Harmony Purple Cybot

Harmony Purple - Cybot Section

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Cybot Pro

Harmony Purple's Cybot is a next-generation vulnerability management tool as well as the world's first Automated pen testing solution, that continuously showcases validated, global, multi-vector, Attack Path Scenarios ™ (APS), so you can focus your time and resources on those vulnerabilities that threaten your critical assets and business processes.
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Cybot Português

Introdução ao conjunto de produtos Cybot Pro da Cronus-Cyber que testa sua rede quanto a possíveis cenários de caminho de ataque.


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NEW Harmony Purple Brochure
NEW Harmony Purple VPT Brochure
NEW Cybot rebranded as Harmony Purple VPT
NEW Cybot's Red and Blue teams integration
NEW Sample Executive Report
Case Study Hospitality
Case Study Hospitals
Espionage Meets Globalization
Case Study Large Manufacturer
Mr. Tiffany and the Pink Panther
Cisco 2020 Cybersecurity Report

Competitive Analysis
Cybot vs Nessus
Cybot vs Tenable vs Qualys

Cronus Original PowerPoint
Cybot Demo Environment

Mr. Tiffany y la Pantera Rosa

Cybot Tech Zone

(Download PDFs before filling out)

NEW Possible Network Configurations
NEW How customer data is secured in MSSP
Cronus PT White Paper

Proof of Concept
Successful PoC
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NEW CybotPro 2.9 User Guide
NEW Cybot Pro 2.9 PoC Guide
Cybot 2.8 MSSP PoC Guide
Cybot Technical Video 1h 20'
Cybot supported OS

CybotPro 2.7: Guía de Usuario
CybotPro 2.7: Guía Usuario PoC
PoC Exitoso
Registre el negocio de Harmony Purple CyBot
Sesión Técnica POC

Registrar negocio Harmony Purple CyBot
Technical session POC

Harmony IoT

Harmony IoT Section

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Harmony IoT Intro

Harmony IoT allows you to embrace IoT and wireless devices, giving you an enterprise-grade defense that quickly and easily identifies, monitors and protects all the smart connected devices operating in and around your business. With Harmony IoT you know exactly what's going on and you can protect your critical assets from IoT and wireless attacks.
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Harmony IoT Use Cases

Look at Harmony IoT use cases for Finance, Hospitality, Healthcare and Transportation.

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Comparison Table
Harmony vs HP Aruba comparison
Harmony vs Cisco wIPS comparison
Top 10 Wireless threats around your office
Harmony IoT and Network Segmentation
Harmony IoT's MSSP brochure

Casos Uso Harmony IoT

Cyberbit Hyper-realistic Cyber Range

CyberBit Section

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CyberBit Intro

Prepare your SOC team and red team with a wide range of simulated training scenarios, from entry level individual training to advanced, multi-stage attacks and team training.
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CyberBit Range

Cyberbit Range enables cybersecurity teams to experience real-life cyber attacks before they encounter them. Our cloud-based range allows instant access to real-world networks and real-world security tools for enabling SOC teams and students to battle real-world malware and get prepared for the inevitable attack.
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CyberBit Range Powerpoint Presentation

Download the official Cyberbit powerpoint presentation as part of your meetings.


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Folleto Cloud Range
FAQ Preguntas Frecuentes de Cyberbit

AlgoSec Firewall Policy Orchestration

NEW AlgoSec Section

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AlgoSec Sales Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you identify and qualify opportunities to sell the AlgoSec Security Management solution. It contains questions and conversation points for customers that are broken out by business drivers and key roles, provides pointers for quantifying the opportunity, and walks you through key sales milestones and competitive positioning.
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AlgoSec Solution Brochure

AlgoSec is an automation solution for network security policy management that provides end-to-end visibility of the network security infrastructure, as well as business applications and their connectivity flows — across cloud, SDN and on-premise enterprise networks. With AlgoSec you can automate timeconsuming security policy changes with zero touch, proactively assess risk and ensure continuous compliance, and quickly provision, change, migrate or decommission network connectivity for business applications to speed up delivery into production, and much more. AlgoSec manages application connectivity and network security policies throughout their lifecycle — eliminating guesswork, reducing errors, and saving time and money.
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AlgoSecTop 14 Advantages

AlgoSec's top 14 unique standalone advantages. Does not compare against other products.

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Product Suite overview
Ecosystem with top brands
Indispensible cheat sheet
Focus: FinancialInstitutions
Focus: AlgoSec works with IBM QRadar
Focus: Hybrid AWS environments
Which Support level is right for your customer?
Case study: BT
Case study: T-Mobile
Case study: Verizon
Case study: Orange on retail
A day in the life Compliance Pictogram

Folleto AlgoSec en Español
Caso de estudio Telefónica México
Caso de estudio Natura Brasil

Caso de estudio Telefónica México BRPT
Caso de estudio Natura Brasil BRPT
WireX Systems

NEW WireX Section

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WireX for MSSP

WireX Systems' Network Detection & Response platform provides faster detection and investigation capabilities that turn even entry level operators into experienced tier-3 analysts. The platform is designed for all levels of security operations professionals that are tasked with responding to alerts and need to collect relevant data in order to understand the context and identify real threats. It is also a very powerful threat hunting tool for those who are offering advanced proactive services.
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WireX's Unique Selling Points

Despite the best efforts of security professionals and the proficiency of cyber security tools, security breaches constantly occur. Organizations are looking into network forensics solutions in order to be able to investigate the daily security alerts they are facing and to mitigate attacks in a timely manner.

More WireX Documentation

The need For a Better Forensics Platforms
SOC Maturity Infographic
Systems Datasheet
Technology Comparison Chart
Whitepaper Top 3 Requirements
Comodo Cybersecurity

NEW Comodo Section

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Comodo Buyer's Guide

Keeping Zero Trust's central premise in mind—that no data or network traffic is to be deemed "secure" without verification— and considering the key trends and emerging challenges that organizations must contend with as they build their security infrastructures, we can identify the most important elements an endpoint protection platform needs to include if it is to deliver positive ROI and boost resilience against today's attacks.
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Gartner's Endpoint Evolution

Endpoints are becoming digital consumer experience enablers that are more tightly controlled and natively fortified against attacks. Security and risk management leaders must design long-term security and investment strategies that align with this technology trend.
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Comodo PowerPoint presentation

Overview of Comodo's history and product lines.

More Comodo Documentation

Comodo Annual AEP Solution Brief
Comodo Data Sheet
Comodo Dome Antispam Admin Guide
Comodo Dome Antispam MSP Admin Guide
Comodo Dome Antispam MSP User Guide
Comodo Overview Diagram Cybersecurity SOC Platform For MSSP Partners
Comodo SEG Antispam Data Sheet
Comodo White Paper Auto Containment Technology
Comodo NSS Labs Comparative Report for Advanced Endpoint Protection
Comodo MDR Compliance Mapping

Comodo Hoja de Datos AEP
Comodo Resumen Ejecutivo AEP
Comodo Resumen de Solucion AEP

Comodo AEP Datasheet Portuguese
Comodo AEP Executive Summary Portuguese
Comodo AEP Solution Brief Portuguese

Videos Section


Short Cybot Demo in English by Extralink, July, 2018. Duration 10 minutes.

Technical Training Session by Cronus-Cyber on August 6, 2018. Duration 80 minutes.

Demostración de CyBot Pro 2.7 de Cronus-Cyber en Español, August de 2018. Duración 10 minutes.

4-minute recorded presentation explaining the Harmony Purple product and how it supports organizational Red & Blue security teams.

Learn how to clean up and optimize your firewall policies with the AlgoSec solution.