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Our Partners

Our Go-to-Market business model is strictly through our Partner network in the Americas. We never compete against our own resellers by selling directly to end-customers. We specialize in Cybersecurity solutions and we work closely with our channels via sales and tech training, competititon information, Level 2 support, Proof of Concept coordination and helping win deals. Becoming a Partner is your first step to winning new and profitable business.

About Us

Extralink Corporation

We are a Cybersecurity Wholesaler focused on the Americas and based out of Miami. Our team brings a wealth of experience in the IT industry and we speak your language.
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We have a rich media library for our Partners as well as for visitors to our site.


Partner base

We have strategic Partners in every territory in the Americas: South, Central and North America as well as the Caribbean. We avoid saturating markets so we select partners in territories based on their physical location, industry verticals they focus on and their Cybersecurity accumen.

Technology overlap

As we balance our vendor portfolio, we ensure that their offerings overlap as little as possible. We are adverse to having 2 overtly competing products so we can focus on addressable and assignable solutions. We also choose vendors that are technically strong, well funded, solidly supported, customer-proven and are not commodities.


Project obsessed

We believe in a true partnership.
Our team has vast experience in the distribution arena and we strongly believe that we are successful together when we extend our effort beyond quoting and selling a catalog. We provide training to our Partner's sales force and pre-sales teams. We keep a deep amd wide knowledge base to provide L2 support with in-house engineers. We also accompany our Partnes in the customer lifecycle, especially with the product intros, the demos, the Proofs of Concept and the negotiations. We're also there to trigger recurring revenue renewals.